For a Refreshing Change!

Do it Yourself ?

Feeling handy?  So you want to have a go yourself !  There's nothing wrong with that.       Above all, just remember: "Do not rush Anything" - it will show up in the finished job and you will be always looking at it thinking to yourself "I really wished I spent more time on that " !  If you are wondering why you are on this page and you don't want to be, click back to 'Home' and read the text to see where you want.

The good thing about doing the whole job yourself is that you do not have to rush, you dont have to do everything straight away and you are in control of your funds - you spend in dribs and drabs and the job gets done in dribs and drabs as well.

What is very important, is the order that you do the job.  You dont want piles of top-soil in the way and gathering animal droppings / leaves or getting soaked and no good to use as a fine tilth for levelling - and dumped right where the patio has to go ! Likewise, you don't want to lay a new lawn and then have to barrow all over it to make the patio or put up that shed - doing things in the right order makes sense and a better job.

Imagine your garden is being viewed from above, and then imagine that it is just like an old picture in an old frame - First, you remove the old picture: clear the garden and dig out any foundations / remove unwanted items / shrubs / trees and sheds etc. also dig out any areas for new grass or patios.

Then with all that done, replace the frame: erect a new fence or wall etc.

And finally, start to rebuild your new picture, bit by bit and in the correct order.

The menu to the left shows the light grey buttons that are sub menus to the do-it-yourself area of the site. These are the only areas you will need to click on to get an idea about how to D.I.Y.

The order in which you click the buttons is the same as the order you would do the job, done in this order:

  1. This page !
  2. Preperations
  3. The Buildings
  4. The Patio
  5. The Lawn

A lot of what you may read may seem obvious, but if it was missed out and you were in the middle of a crisis on the job ie: 2 deliveries arriving at the same time that you should be at the school getting the kids, the telephone's ringing and the dog just wont stop barking, and to top it all, you just realised your wife has the money for the deliveries in her bag - that is with her round her Mum's !  - seem familiar?  We have all been there.

Relax, take your time, read the pages in the order as suggested, be sure to add me to your favourites so you can find me again later, but above all - ENJOY.