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 The Works

If you are after a totally new garden that does not resemble your existing garden at all - this is the page for you.  If this is not your required garden please click back to 'Home' and read the text that describes your requirements.

OK, the very first thing to sort out before anything can happen is SPACE.

When I say space, I mean a space where we can work without having to move junk about the garden on at least five occassions whilst we are working -  We would need areas to place any delivered items, we need space for the tools, and a good wheelbarrow run.

Most people are blessed with a side entrance to their property allowing easy removal or bringing in of new materials.  If you do not have a side entrance - or any other exit to take a barrow, the job will be more expensive due to the time consuming 'Manhandling' of everything through the house.  Everything listed here still has to be done, but just a lot lot slower!

An area for a skip to remove the debris generated from the works is also beneficial.  A skip can be placed on your front drive without the need for a permit.  If it goes in the road you will need a permit - these can usually be arranged by us at an extra charge.  You have to pay for a permit to the council, we charge the same rate.

If you have no room for a skip, then removal by our vehicles to a local dump may be the only way.  Again, this would be more expensive as all the dumps now charge by the weight, and if removing water sodden clay, bricks, roots or soil the price soon mounts up.

Assuming the skips and the space is sorted we now move on ....

This is no doubt the most difficult page to write, as there are simply so many ways to Landscape a garden ! Again, In a nutshell, the following would be the procedure in the order it would happen if you required a totally new garden.

  1. You would phone us on 01708 375882 (after 5.00pm weekdays) to arrange for someone to come around to your garden to have a look and a chat
  2. The 'chat' would be questions mainly aimed at finding out your intended use for the garden when finished, ie; do you have animals / kids / allergies.  Do you have a large family / friends (for entertainment - size of patio required etc). Kids play equipment / toys.  Size of storage required for tools / patio furniture / barbeque etc.
  3. A quick look at the soil condition, where the Sunny parts of the garden are, the drains, the damp course levels to your house, areas of deep shade, entry and exit points to and from living room or kitchen out onto patio etc.
  4. After satisfied with points 2 & 3, we go away and produce a basic sketch of the ideas we may have briefly chatted about.  This may be re-drawn a couple of times until we are both happy with the design and the price etc
  5. After the price is agreed, a start date will also be agreed and any payments that may be required as the work progresses * This is not always the case - size and duration of the works determines if any cash needs to be paid at certain durations as the work progresses - we never ask for any money up front, and never will !
  6. The work then starts and the first item is usually the clearance of the existing garden ! From shrubs and trees to the old pathways and even the lawn - we now have a 'blank Canvas' to work with.
  7. First to build would be any heavy items the farthest away from the house and delivery of all heavy items not including new turf / plants and top soil.
  8. With all heavy stuff in and finished, the patio base work is laid and compacted, allowing for drainage and taking into consideration the house / buildings damp course levels. The laying of the patio slabs finalises the 'heavy' part of the work.
  9. Preperation of all plant beds and planting up would normally be done at this stage.
  10. With sheets and boards protecting the new patio, the new top-soil and turf would be brought in and the soil compacted to the finished levels.
  11. The laying of the turf (new lawn), would finalise the work, other than a push around with a broom to tidy.  The final balance owed on the work would now be paid.

Things like:  walls / raised beds / concrete bases / sheds / fence & trellis / greenhouses / vegetable patches / outdoor lighting (fibre optics or electric) / sleepers / specimen stone / bark / compost / ponds / japanese themed etc etc can all be included and more.  As said, the amount of different designs that are available are only limited by the client and my Imagination.  Every job is tailored to the customers requirements - just like a suit or a wedding dress, measurements need to be taken in order to get it all right.

After a full Landscape service?   Just give us a call to arrange a date for a quotation on:

01708 375882

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